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The Bizarre Adult DVD section is where we keep all the stuff we don't really know what to do with - hell, at least we're honest! It's not very big because most adult DVDs fit somewhere else, but this section contains everything that is quite weird or unusual, but may not be quite hard enough to go into the Extreme section. This isn't to say the adult DVDs here aren't hard, but to gain entry to the Extreme section they have to be super hardcore and just plain nasty!

As you might expect, it's a real mixed bag when dipping into the Bizarre adult DVD section, but there are usually some interesting films to be found. If you come away disappointed, we suggest you take a wander over to the Extreme section, where you'll find such adult DVD treats as midget sex, torture, the hardest bondage available, pissing, enema and lots of other very hardcore niche material.

For cheap adult DVDs check out our under £10.50 section where there are over 500 different titles in all adult genres on offer, or our Bargains department with deeply discounted adult films by the top studios with prices starting at under a fiver!

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All Bizarre Adult DVDs sold by us are genuine hardcore versions and are discretely dispatched under plain cover by first class post.

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