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Hold onto your hats, it's the Extreme Adult DVD genre! Lets be frank, this is where we keep the nasty stuff, the really nasty stuff even the proudest porn film fan wouldn't want anyone to find at the back of his (or her) sock drawer.

So what's actually in this adult DVD sections, well it's a really mixed bag of genres, some of which are featured elsewhere in our adult DVD shop, but when they make an appearance in the Real Extreme category, you know you've found the hardest films we have in that particular adult DVD genre.

Bondage stuff gets in here if it's hard enough, as does enema, pissing, S & M and quite a lot of hard fetish films such as those featuring latex full body suits and masks (for example!). There's also some stuff in here that you might find pretty off the wall such as the Midget Mania range of films from Filmco, which may no be your cup of tea, but hey, we're in the Real Extreme section and anything goes!

One of the biggest adult DVD studios in the Real Extreme section is Extravagante which is easily one of the most out there, totally hardcore labels around. Titles include Extreme Nasty Nurses and the cringe worthy Sting My Balls, which takes testicle torture and abuse to levels that even we couldn't stand to watch - and we've seen pretty much everything the adult DVD world has to offer!

If your taste in adult films is extreme you will certainly find something to enjoy in this section, but proceed with caution - this is not run of the mill porn!

If you're looking for cheap extreme adult DVDs, there are often some to be found by JAP Pictures in this section. If not, check out our under £10.50 section where there are over 500 different titles in all adult genres on offer, or our Bargains department with deeply discounted adult films by the top studios with prices starting at under a fiver!

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All Extreme Adult DVDs sold by us are genuine hardcore versions and are discretely dispatched under plain cover by first class post.

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