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S & M adult DVDs are very similar in many ways to bondage ones, in that they feature acts of pain and suffering, often involving whips, chains and restraint. There is sometimes a dungeon type feel to this sort of adult film that weaves in the torture aspect of this genre as well.

S & M adult DVDs often tend to reflect on the interplay between the two aspects of the genre, namely sadism and masochism and how the sadism of one party, feeds the masochistic desires of the other. As with bondage DVDs, this can translate into the straightforward master slave relationship, but can also add layers of subtle subtext to the dynamic of the relationship between the abused and the abuser. This can reveal an interdependency that is quite bizarre as each party relies on the needs of the other to help them satisfy their particular form of sexual gratification.

Bondage adult DVDs tend to concentrate a little more on this sexual tension than bondage films, which seem to often be more concerned with the actual physical act of restraint and abuse and the equipment and techniques used. Having said that, there is a huge overlap in these two types of adult DVD, so if you don't find what you're looking for in our S & M section, do hop over to Bondage as there tends to be a wider selection on offer.

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