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Cheap Adult DVD Pricewatch

Here at Adult Film Zone UK, we don't believe you should pay too much for your pleasure. We'll be honest with you and tell you there is a lot of overcharging in the UK adult DVD industry, although you probably know this already. Because of this we operate a price watch policy and regularly check our competitors' prices with an aim to match, or usually better them.

We're not going to claim we're absolutely always the cheapest 100% all of the time (although we will claim we aren't ever the most expensive), but for most adult DVD titles, we will probably be pretty much the best value in the marketplace. It's an easy claim to make, so we'd invite you to compare us with other on line adult DVD shops, where you'll find our prices can be up to 50% less on regular non discounted adult DVDs and even cheaper in our Bargains Section.

To make things nice and simple, we have a very straightforward pricing structure for our adult DVDs that looks like this.

Adult DVD Pricebreakers £6.95 or less - around 300 Adult titles under £7
Cheap adult DVDs don't get much cheaper than this! A huge variety of bargain buys covering most adult DVD genres and up to 4 hours in length. Visit our £6.95 Pricebreakers section.

Zero Tolerance, Diabolic and Black Ice 4 Hour films for just £10.50
With over 250 titles in stock, the films in this section are some of the cheapest available from the big name studios and at 4 hours for £10.50 we think they're unbeatable value.

Adult DVD  Pricebreakers £13.75 or less - around 1000 Adult titles under £14
As with the £6.95 section this section contains a wide variety of adult DVDs for all tastes and we usually have around 1000 titles in stock. Visit our £13.75 Pricebreakers section.

Bargain Section - big name adult DVDs heavily discounted
This is where we you can find some of the best buys in the whole of the Adult Film Zone website. This section has around 150 titles and is crammed full of top quality adult films by the best studios with give away prices starting at well under a tenner. Do a quick comparison with some of our competitors and you will regularly see titles that we have for £10 to £15 pounds going for more than twice that and more. If you're after a top quality adult DVD at a giveaway price, this is the place for you. Visit our Bargains department.

Adult DVD 3 Packs - three times the fun for £32.95
These packs contain three adult DVDs of a similar theme by the same studio and are a great bargain for connoisseurs of a specific genre. Many adult niches are represented here including such diverse interests as Amateurs, Teens and Pissing and we usually have around 150 DVD in this section. Visit our 3 Packs Department.

Ok, so that's around 1200 adult titles for under £13.75 per DVD - there aren't many other adult DVD shops that can offer that - but there's a lot more too!

Big names new releases from the best studios for £16.95
This is our biggest standard price bracket with around 1800 to 2000 adult DVDs at £16.95. Most of the biggest studios are represented and this section contains new releases and all the big name stars. Other on line Adult DVD retailers regularly double this price for the exact same titles.

More big names and new releases for £17.95 and £19.95
Basically the same as the above section and often containing well known series from the best of the big adult studios.

Lavish Adult Feature Films for £23.99
This is where we keep the big budget, lavishly produced, top quality feature films from the absolute cream of the adult DVD studios. Amazingly high production values and beautifully shot, the eye candy in these sexual adventures is as likely to be the exotic locations as the girls. Visit our Features Section

Latest Release Interactive Adult DVDs £26.95
These are state of the art sex simulators and represent the most technically advanced adult DVDs ever seen - only big name stars and top studios feature here. Visit our Interactive DVDs Department for more information on these amazing new additions to the adult entertainment market.

That's it - over 4000 adult DVD titles at the fairest prices in the industry!

We also feel you shouldn't be overcharged for delivery, so we operate a simple flat fee first class delivery fee of £2.95. This is all you pay whether you buy one DVD or 100, unlike many of our competitors who charge a flat fee, then a per DVD fee which can soon add up with a big order.

In addition we regularly offer free delivery on all orders in our weekly promotions. These start on a Friday and can be anything from free delivery, to a by two get a third DVD free or a completely free hardcore adult DVD with every order.

Figures relating to the number of adult DVDs stocked in each category are a rough guide only as this changes regularly as we receive new titles on a daily basis.

Visit our online shop to see the entire range of adult DVDs

All adult DVDs sold by us are genuine hardcore versions and are discretely dispatched under plain cover by first class post.

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