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This German adult DVD studio is very much in the style of the better known GGG and features productions by the master of full on gangbang orgy DVDs John Thompson. As with GGG the 666 studio offers a range of DVDs with the emphasis spunk swallowing, but this one also includes pissing, just for good measure. With a large cast of guys all concentrating on the girls in a group, no holes barred orgy setting, these full on porn films are a must for anybody who likes their porn hard and fast.

Some of these XXX DVDs are such extremely hardcore stuff some people have even been known to find them too much as there is just such an excess of bodies, spunk and piss and the jizz guzzling cum sluts that star in them are so abused and covered in gloop it has to be some of the nastiest stuff ever seen on a porn DVD.

The camerawork in these adult DVDs is very much first person stuff as the cameraman seems to jostle with the many guys to get into a good vantage point to film the abused slut at the centre of it all. There's no glossy big US adult studio lighting or staging, its all about the action and capturing as much of it as possible which gives an immediacy and sense of involvement that is quite rare in the adult DVD industry and is a real turn on or many people.

Adult DVD by 666 are 90 minutes long, which with action totally non stop and always intense is usually more than enough for most people!

Summary - If you're an orgy or piss and spunk lover and like your porn DVDs extreme and super hardcore, 666 and GGG are certainly for you.

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All 666 Adult DVDs sold by us are genuine hardcore versions and are discretely dispatched under plain cover by first class post.

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