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Where does one start when talking about the master of UK adult DVD? Ben Dover was the first adult studio to really put the UK on the map with its ever increasing range of excellent, gritty adult films and is still the undisputed master of the genre.

For us Brits it seems there is nothing better than seeing a girl next door type of slut getting picked up by Ben Dover and his crew and then being well and truly fucked. The fact that most guys from the UK can really relate to this type of films is a huge part of their appeal. We've all met the sort of tart featuring in these adult DVD, some of us have fucked them, most have wished they could, but not many have been lucky enough to fuck them every which way and have their mates film it! Because of this, the adult action is always genuine with none of the bored mechanical fucking you see in too many adult DVDs.

The camerawork is all first person or bloke and his mate type stuff (Gonzo style), which isn't to say its not good camerawork because in our opinion it's some of the best in the adult DVD business. Unlike the slick US studios the action is not staged, the lighting is not professionally set up, the staging of the shot is not worked on and deliberated over. In these adult films it's all about the sex and capturing as much of it as possible to share with the viewer in a very personal way.

Because of this, Ben Dover films have an intimacy and sense of involvement that really make them stand out from the run of the mill mainstream production. Not only is there the simple familiarity of British girls getting fucked the UK, but the way these adult DVDs are made allows the viewer to put himself (or herself) there right with the Ben Dover crew and share the genuine excitement and sexual tension of the moment.

Summary: Ben Dover produce not only the best UK adult DVDs but some of the best XXX entertainment anywhere in the world; no porn fan should be without at least a couple of adult films by this top quality studio.

Please note: All Ben Dover Adult DVDs sold by us are the hardcore uncut versions, not the heavily edited versions found on sale at some other on line adult DVD shops.

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All Ben Dover Adult DVDs sold by us are genuine hardcore versions and are discretely dispatched under plain cover by first class post.

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