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This range of films is something of a treat for lovers of UK adult DVD and comes from the Adult Channel's Panties series that was shown in it's cut to threads softcore version. Thankfully it wasn't shot like that and these adult DVDs include all the best bits that the censors thought we weren't grown up enough to see.

We are great lovers of UK adult DVDs here at Adult Film Zone and we think they're some of the best adult entertainment anywhere. Its certainly a shame that our government don't think we should be allowed to view hardcore stuff on a subscription channel, but we say fuck them, we'll buy it on DVD instead.

There are some good names from the UK adult film business on show in these Panties episodes, they're beautiful and slutty and these home grown girls give their all, which makes it even more of a crime that the Adult Channel couldn't show these films in their entirety.

Summary: An excellent range of UK adult DVDs that show this series how the director wanted, not how the censors thought would be best for us.

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All British Panties Adult DVDs sold by us are genuine hardcore versions and are discretely dispatched under plain cover by first class post.

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