Channel 69 Adult DVD

One of our favourite adult DVD studios, Channel 69 is the adult film industry's master of niche adult content. Within the huge output from this important studio you can find the normal mainstream XXX film genres, but if you like to buy adult DVDs that are not so vanilla flavoured, Channel 69 could very well be the place for you.

Amongst their amazingly varied titles you'll find chunky chics, lesbian chunky chics, mature lesbians, black chunky chics, mature black women, red hot redheads, black she males, transsexual gigolos, big clits and big lips, bodybuilders in heat, mega butts, mega tits, women over 40, women over 50, hairy girls and both bi and gay adult films!  

The list isn't even close to being finished, but we think you've probably got the idea that Channel 69 is not your run of the mill mainstream studio churning out the same old formulaic adult DVDs. It's for exactly this reason that we stock around 300 of their DVDs and If you've got a particular adult entertainment desire, they are well worth a look because if Channel 69 haven't got it, its unlikely anybody has.

Summary: However specialist your adult DVD niche interest, Channel 69 is the best in the business and the first place to try for combinations of two or more different niche genres on the same DVD.

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All Channel 69 Adult DVDs sold by us are genuine hardcore versions and are discretely dispatched under plain cover by first class post.

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