Danger Boy Video Adult DVD

This adult DVD studio features films starring the extremely full on Mila Queen of Nasty and they certainly aren't for the faint hearted! They are subtitled a "Sexual Shockumentary" and we'd have to agree - this is about as far from mainstream glossy porn videos as you can get.

Contained in these nasty XXX adult films are a variety of different sexual acts in a variety of different settings. These range from relatively straightforward fucking at the airport, to the initiation of 4 brave new girls, to squirting lessons from Mila (and boy does she gush!), water sports and enemas, DP's, fisting, getting covered with strawberry smoothies and other messy goo, vegetable fucking and very full on hot wax showers.

The star of these adult videos, Mila, is slightly older but very hot in our opinion with a genuine sense of sexual abandonment and it would seem she gets a huge kick out of getting off in a variety of filthy ways. The girls that join her are mainly very good looking and genuinely up for it, which is just as well given the nasty shit they are made to do!

Summary: If you're the sort of porn fan that like to buy adult videos that are off beat and genuinely different and filthy, then Mila Queen of Nasty and Danger Boy Video could be the ones for you!

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All Danger Boy Adult DVDs sold by us are genuine hardcore versions and are discretely dispatched under plain cover by first class post.

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