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One of the wittier and fun adult DVD studios on our books, Dreamland Video has a good selection of XXX films in many genres and doesn't take itself too seriously, whilst producing some of the horniest wank fodder around.

A lot of the films actually have a plot (remember them?!) and whilst the adult video and DVD business has moved on to huge budget feature films which these are certainly not, we still like to see a studio turning out porn films with some sort of storyline. Some of these are actually rather good and others are just plain funny, such as Burnin Love which features a woman who claims to have sex with the ghost of Elvis Presley - we told you Dreamland don't take themselves too seriously!

None of this means that these adult DVDs are light on sex, because they certainly aren't and the porn stars they feature, whilst not the biggest of the big, are mainly well established names and are generally above average in terms of looks and bodies.

In addition to this, all our Dreamland adult DVDs are priced at a giveaway £10.50 which can't be bad.

Summary: If you like a bit of (often light hearted) storyline with your porn films or you are looking to buy adult videos or DVDs that are excellent value for money, Dreamland Video is the one for you!

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All Dreamland Video Adult DVDs sold by us are genuine hardcore versions and are discretely dispatched under plain cover by first class post.

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