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As the name suggests, Fetish Dreams produces films in the fetish adult DVD genre and tackle some unusual themes that don't have much coverage, such as Foot Fetish, Enemas and Spanking.

One of the better adult DVDs from Fetish Dreams is the foot fetish film Toes and Cons. Lovers of feet worship adult DVDs will be delighted with this film as a there's lots of all girl, three way feet loving and some huge tits thrown in for good measure.

The all girl theme is a popular one with this studio and a number of their adult DVDs feature 100% lesbian action combined with various fetishes. Hit Parade and Bad Girls Get Spanked explore the world of girl on girl spanking, domination and punishment, which makes a refreshing change from it being a guy dishing out the punishment.

Catfighting (now in it's 8th volume) does pretty much what it says on the box, though it does leave you worried that these silicone pumped combatants are going to have one of their overly buoyant breasts explode during the fighting. The same could be said in the adult DVD oddity Designated Hitters where a mature silicone mistress and her equally busty slave engage in some very bizarre domination and discipline rituals.

Summary: Fetish Dreams could never be accused of being boring or following a trend and the mixture of girl on girl combined with fetish themes is worth a second look for collectors wishing to buy adult videos and DVD that are far away from mainstream porn films.

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All Fetish Dreams Adult DVDs sold by us are genuine hardcore versions and are discretely dispatched under plain cover by first class post.

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