These amazing cum orgy adult DVDs from GGG by the legendary John Thompson are amongst the hardest of hardcore porn available. They are all shot in a similar voyeuristic style and take place in an orgy setting, mostly concentrating on cumshots, cum drinking and of course fucking.

The large cast of horny, lucky guys flock around the genuinely filthy little sluts that are at the centre of these full on adult films. No over polished US adult DVD production values here, the cameraman launches himself straight into the melee of furiously wanking guys to try to get to the gapping cunted spunk slut being covered with cum.

The action in this range of adult DVDs is 100% genuine and is so relentlessly unrestrained that when coupled with the very natural camera style that focuses on capturing all the action rather than framing a perfect shot, you are left genuinely breathless by the sheer sexual energy of it all.

GGG Adult DVDs are 90 minutes long, which with such totally non stop action is usually enough for most people and contains more sex than you usually get in a film three times as long!

If you like your porn even more extreme than this, try the range of John Thompson adult DVDs from 666 Studio. These offer the same style of orgy, but with the addition that the girls get covered with piss as well as spunk. Very messy and totally hardcore.  

Click here to see all our GGG Adult DVDs or here for 666 DVDs.

Summary - If you're an orgy, spunk and/or piss lover and like your porn DVDs raw, extreme and super hardcore, you simply can't get more full on than 666 and GGG.

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All GGG Adult DVDs sold by us are genuine hardcore versions and are discretely dispatched under plain cover by first class post.

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