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This is one of our favourite adult DVD studios and the mainstay of our Dutch section. This series sees our heroic cameraman (AKA Handyman) delve into some of the finest Dutch adult film talent imaginable, armed only with his trusty video cam and a great filming style somewhat reminiscent of our own Ben Dover.

This range of adult DVDs is unashamedly Dutch in character, which means quirky, offbeat and ultimately very likeable - very much like the country itself. This XXX film series claims to be "Reality Porn" and this is very much the feeling you get when watching one of these films. They have the same kind of atmosphere as UK amateur porn films and it is refreshing to see this style of production used by another country to such good effect.

The films feature a very wide variety of gorgeous Dutch women and all of them are sassy and slutty and genuinely up for the crack of making an adult DVD, which is nice to see. Handyman, as well as doing the camerawork, also stars in these films and he is as keen as the women to give it his all, as his 100% Erection Guarantee would suggest!

Perhaps the only slight drawback for us monolingual Brits is that these adult films are in Dutch, which is fair enough given the fact that they are made by a Dutch studio (plus you never get anyone from Holland complaining UK adult DVDs are in English as they all speak it better than most of us). Overall though we don't really think this detracts too much from the enjoyment as the action is up front and honest and everyone involved is clearly having a great time, which counts for a lot in this sort of film.

Summary: Handyman XXX DVDs are some of the best to come out of Holland in a long time and are a definitely worth a look for lovers of British amateur adult DVDs who are looking to buy adult videos that are the same style but just that little bit different.  

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All Handyman Adult DVDs sold by us are genuine hardcore versions and are discretely dispatched under plain cover by first class post.

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