Helen Duval Adult DVD

This is an unusual and interesting adult DVD studio that has much to offer lovers of adult entertainment that is a little bit more than just the usual run of the mill porn film.

All films from this studio star Helen Duval and have an extremely theatrical, big production feel to them and are as lavish in their style as they are rich in red hot XXX film action. They are all categorised as feature films and some follow a theme, such as Hot Business where the premise is to help businessmen relax, with the rest focusing on setting/location such as Casa Rosso, which was filmed on the stage of the biggest sex theatre in Amsterdam.

Of these two types of themed approach, our favourite are the productions that use interesting sets of locations such as Casa Rosso mentioned above or Ice And Fire, which uses an industrial, urban type setting. It's this sort of adult DVD that really showcases what this studio does best an gives a good outlet to the obvious creative talent at work here. Watching one of these adult films is very much like watching a glitzy, well produced West End play that just happens to be crammed full with full on hardcore adult film action. It's a good combination and one that appeals to many people bored with the same old formulaic adult DVDs.

Summary: This is not your average studio and produces some good, original XXX films which are certainly of interest to anyone looking to buy adult videos or DVDs that have great sex with a theatrical flair.

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All Helen Duval Adult DVDs sold by us are genuine hardcore versions and are discretely dispatched under plain cover by first class post.

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