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There can be no higher pedigree in the adult entertainment industry than Hustler. They were there before we had computers or the Internet and even video let alone DVD, adult or otherwise was yet to make an appearance in our lives. Yup, Hustler are from the bad old days where porn used to come in magazines that you bought red faced down at the local newsagent. Well, times have changed and Hustler have changed with them and used their experience to enter the adult DVD market.

As you might expect their output is pretty mainstream, standard US adult film studio type fair and although not one of our personal favourite studios because of this, it is a good solid bet if you don't mind good old fashioned vanilla flavoured porn films.

The Teen genre is well represented by Hustler and the Hustler XXX series is now running to 16 or more volumes and still proving very popular. Expect pretty girls, good hard guys and lots of simple straightforward sex - not exactly an original formula, but then that's what Hustler have been turning out for many a long year and it's a winning adult film formula.

Summary: One of the classic names in the business and a good safe bet for mainstream adult DVDs.

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All Hustler Adult DVDs sold by us are genuine hardcore versions and are discretely dispatched under plain cover by first class post.

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