Cheap Adult DVD by Metro 4 Hours

These films are very much in the same mould as the 2 hour range of adult DVDs by Metro, except you get 4 hours of porn for £10.50 instead of 2!

To be honest we're not sure how Metro continues to pump out such good quality adult films at such ridiculously low prices, but we're very glad they do. We would however, like to take a little bit of credit ourselves for these amazingly cheap adult DVDs. Have a look at some other online adult DVD shops and you will see the exact same titles on offer for £19.95. We sell these films for half that price and still make money, but other adult DVD retailers think it's ok to rip you off for an additional tenner - we would respectfully disagree.

Anyway, to stop bitching about the adult DVD industry and get back to the films themselves; you'll find just about every adult genre represented in the Metro 4 Hour range and as an important contributor to our under £10 section, we generally keep around 40 to 50 titles in stock, so there should be something for even the most discerning adult DVD fan.

For those porn collectors that would like to buy adult video and DVDs even cheaper than the Metro 4 Hour range, why not try the 20 hour, 5 disk sets from Metro 20 Hours which retail at a mind blowing £19.95. We could go on about the competition selling just one of the 4 hour DVDs in these sets for £19.95, but we've probably run them down enough already!

Summary: Metro 4 Hours is another branch of the Metro brand that offers big name stars and good quality production with an unbelievably small price tag.

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All Metro 4 Hours Adult DVDs sold by us are genuine hardcore versions and are discretely dispatched under plain cover by first class post.

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