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What can we say about an adult DVD studio with a pedigree like Private, which celebrated it's 40th anniversary in April 2005. Well, it may have started out as a good old fashioned porn magazine (remember those?!) in the sixties, but just because it's hurtling towards half a century of providing adult entertainment doesn't mean this studio is getting tired or stale - quite the opposite in fact.

Private is one of the adult DVD industry's mega studios that have the money, talent and experience to genuinely push the boundaries of quality, style and taste in the adult film business. It is of course in the feature film genre that Private excels as they can go where many studios simply cannot, both in terms of exotic locations and big budget glossy production values that are fast closing the gap between adult DVDs and mainstream films.

Private probably have more award winning films than any other single studio and continue to delight old adult DVD fans and win over new ones every year with something fresh and different. Amongst the best of the recent crop of adult film releases from Private would have to be the Private 40th Anniversary DVD that is a compilation of 21 of the best scenes hand picked from their huge repository of hardcore XXX action. As it's the best from one of the best, this is a film that can genuinely claim to be the absolute cream of adult DVD action.

Another firm favourite of ours is the first part of the Private Chateau trilogy, The Struggle For Power, which stars (amongst others) the wonderful Silvia Saint and is filmed in the vineyards of Spain, which give an amazing backdrop for the first class cinematography and porn star eye candy. The story about feuding families is also a good one, not just thin padding for random sexual encounters that one often finds in adult films and is set to develop further in the forthcoming 2nd and 3rd instalments. These are adult DVDs that are perfect for couples as they are both sensual and erotic as well as containing absolutely 100% genuine hardcore action.  

Summary: Private has a pedigree and depth of experience unmatched in the adult DVD industry. Their feature films are among the best quality adult entertainment ever produced and they continue to push the boundaries of quality in the adult DVD industry. Highly recommended.

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All Private Adult DVDs sold by us are genuine hardcore versions and are discretely dispatched under plain cover by first class post.

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