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X Real Productions is one of those adult DVD studios you end up at when you can't find what you want elsewhere. They have some of the most diverse, perverse and plain weird super hardcore adult DVDs available in the porn film market and all titles from this studio are 4 hours in length and priced at a bargain basement £13.75

The range of adult DVD genres covered here includes bizarre, real extreme, bondage, outdoor, fat girls, foot fetish, old women as well as the more mainstream DP, Lesbian, Asian and teen etc etc.

To really get to know the variety of adult DVDs produced by X Real, you need to browse our entire collection because there is so much niche porn on offer you really do have to walk the full length of the counter. To give you some idea of what you'll find, we have titles like Obscene Penetrations, Fucking My Grandparents and Stocks and Bondage to name but a few.

We're clearly far, far away from nice polite vanilla flavoured adult DVD films with this studio and it produces some of the most hardcore adult DVDs we have in stock. Everything seems to be extreme in the world of X Real Productions, the fat girls are absolutely enormous, the bondage is unusual sick and painful, the gaping arse holes gape even further. All your darkest fantasies are in here captured on adult DVD for your XXX porno viewing pleasure.

Summary: For those that find mainstream porn DVDs a little tame and like to buy adult videos and DVDs with real edge, come over to the dark side and visit X Real; it's sick and super hardcore and only costs £13.75 for 4 hours of mind numbing filth!

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All X Real Productions Adult DVDs sold by us are genuine hardcore versions and are discretely dispatched under plain cover by first class post.

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