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Cheap Adult DVDs UK

At Adult Film Zone UK we try to offer the largest range of cheap adult DVDs in the UK. In addition, we operate a price watch policy to ensure that all our adult films are amongst the cheapest in the UK marketplace.

Our online shop has several bargain departments, the first of which is our adult DVDs for £10.50 section which consists of around 250 cheap porn DVDs all priced at just £10.50. These films are from a number of different studios and are up to a generous 6 hours in length.

Our next cheap adult DVD section is our £13.75 range of films that has around 1000, top quality adult titles for (surprise, surprise!) just £13.75 each. Next is our Bargains section which is where we discount adult DVDs that were previously on sale for higher prices. It's here that some of our best bargains can be found with savings of up to 60% on the original price. When you consider that these original prices are already amongst some the cheapest in the business, films in the Bargain Section are without doubt some of the best value adult DVD in the UK.

Our third cheap porn DVDs section is our range of bargain 3 Packs that bundle three popular titles by such big name adult DVD studios as British Extreme, British Amateurs, Fallen Angel and Playhouse. All adult DVD three packs cost £32.95, which is under £11 per DVD and represents excellent value for money as each individual disk when bought alone in our shop can cost up to £19.95

In a similar mould are our very popular TV Pakkets (found in our Compilations sections) which are also 3 packs and feature adult DVDs from the largest studios in our shop, all based on a specific genre. Choose from such adult film giants as Collateral Damage, Playhouse Platinum, Jill Kelly Productions, Ninn Worx (Andrew Blake) and Zero Tolerance.

Also kept in the Compilations sections are yet more cheap adult DVDs that start at £10.50 for 6 hours of themed hardcore action in many different adult genres. Special note in this section should go to the range of 20 hour, 3 DVD box sets from Metro. These are without doubt the best of the best in our cheap adult DVD sections and retail at just £19.95, which is £1 per hour for some of the hottest, non stop adult DVD action you'll find anywhere and must surely be amongst the cheapest adult films in the UK.

In addition to all the bargains to be found in our cheap sections, we also operate a price watch policy to compare our prices with every other major online adult DVD shop. We cannot guarantee we are the cheapest for every single film, but overall we certainly offer the most competitive prices in the industry. See our Adult DVD Price Watch Policy for full details of our pricing structure.

Finally we have our Weekly Special Offers that add still further to the price reductions already available in our online adult DVD shop. These are usually changed on a weekly basis and feature such promotions as 3 DVDs for the price of 2, free shipping on all orders, or a free adult DVD with every single order. Given our already very low prices, these weekly special offers help us maintain some of the lowest prices in the UK adult DVD market.

So that's it - we have over 4000 adult DVDs in stock, with around 1200 or more priced at £13.75 or less, so come on in and fill your boots!

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All adult films sold by us are genuine hardcore porn DVDs and are discretely dispatched under plain cover by first class post.

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